Swap Cards in Coin Master

Completing your card collections in Coin Master will be very useful for obtaining additional rounds , which are generally offered in large numbers: several hundred for each collection completed. It is also possible to obtain other rewards, such as eggs which allow you to unlock an additional animal !

To finish these numerous collections, several means exist: you can wait to receive the necessary cards in the chests that you open, or even exchange your duplicate cards for your missing cards, with your friends.

Swap Cards in Coin Master

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Swap cards in Coin Master to complete your collection

The exchange of cards is possible in Coin Master, to obtain the missing cards in your collection. These exchanges are only with your Facebook friends , and do not work with gold cards . To send your duplicate cards to your friends, and for them to do the same, just follow these steps:

  • In the menu, select "Collection of cards"
  • Open the collection in which the gift card is located
  • Select the card in question, then click on "Send"
  • Select a friend to whom  you want to send it to
  • Validate, and choose up to 4 additional cards to offer if you wish
  • Click on "Send".

1 - Select the card to be exchanged
Swap cards in Coin Master

2 - Click on send
Swap cards in Coin Master

3 - Select a friend to whom you want to send the card
Swap cards in Coin Master

4 - Choose up to 4 additional cards, then send
Swap cards in Coin Master

Your friend can then find the cards offered in the menu, " Gifts " tab !

If your friends do not play Coin Master, however, there is an official Facebook card swapping group where you can find people to trade cards with.

Swap duplicate cards for chests in Coin Master

If you do not want to exchange your cards with someone, but you still want to get rid of your duplicates , you can go to "Card collection" then click on the second icon of the " Info " tab by top left.

If you have 75 stars , you can exchange some of your duplicate cards for a safe . You can then choose which cards to trade , or let the game select them for you. The chest received will offer you several rewards , generally energy, XP or coins as well as additional cards! The stars used will not affect your star rating in the game.

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