Hottest Bhojpuri Actress Name With Photos

If you like Bhojpuri movies then your crush will be on Bhojpuri actress. Friends, in this post today, we are going to tell you about the best Bhojpuri actress of Bhojpuri movie industry.

Although there are a lot of actresses in the Bhojpuri industry, but we will only talk about some of the best Bhojpuri actress so far.

1. Monalisa aka Antara Biswas

Friends, you must have seen Monalisa Antara Biswas in Big Boss season 10. Monalisa Ak Antara Biswas is considered the life of the Bhojpuri industry. Monalisa Ak Antara Biswas was born on 21st November 1982 and has acted in more than 125 movies in Bhojpuri. Along with this, she has also worked in Bengali, Oriya, Kannada, Tamil and Telugu movies.

Monalisa Bhojpuri Actress
 Monalisa aka Antara Biswas

2. Aamrapali Dubey

Amrapali Dubey career took place in the 2014 "Nirhua Hindustani" Movie. She was born on 11 January 1987 in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. Amrapali Dubey Bhojpuri film won me the Best Actress Award in 2008, YouTube Queen in 2018, or Best Supporting Actress Award in 2015.

Aamrapali Dubey Bhojpuri Actress
Aamrapali Dubey

3. Kajal Raghavani

At just 16 years old, Kajal Raghavani became an actress in Gujrati Films. After this, Kajal Raghavani started her career in the Bhojpuri industry with the film "Rihai". Kajal Raghavani was from Famous Gujarati Movies, she has done more than 25 Gujarati Movies.

Kajal Raghavani Bhojpuri Actress
Kajal Raghwani

4. Rani Chatterjee

Rani Chatterjee was born on 3 November 1989 in Mumbai. She has started her career in 2004 with Manoj Tiwari from "Sasura Bada Paiswala" Movie.

Rani Chatterjee Bhojpuri Actress
Rani Chatterjee

5. Nidhi Jha

Nidhi Jah was born on 18 October 1988 in Mumbai. She started her career with the TV show Balika Vadhu. Nidhi Jha worked in Bhojpuri movie "Ghadar" in 2016 after working in many TV serials. After this, her popularity in the Bhojpuri industry became very strong and today she is a popular Bhojpuri actress.
Nidhi Jha Bhojpuri Actress
Nidhi Jha

6. Anjana Singh 

Anjana Singh was born on 7 August 1990 in Lucknow. He started his career in the Bhojpuri industry with "Ek Aur faulad" movie.

Anjana Singh  Bhojpuri Actress
Anjana Singh

7. Akshara Singh 

She is the most beautiful and good acting skills actress in the Bhojpuri industry. Akshara Singh was born on 30 August 1993 in Mumbai. She started his Bhojpuri career in 2011 with her movie "Pran Jaye par vachan na jaye".

Akshara Singh  Bhojpuri Actress
Akshara Singh

8. Shradha Sharma

Shraddha Sharma was born on October 23, 1980. Apart from Bhojpuri movies, she has also worked in Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada Flim Industry. Shraddha Sharma has also been a contestant of Big Boss season 5.

Shradha Sharma Bhojpuri Actress
Shradha Sharma

9. Shubhi Sharma

Shubhi was born on 28 March 1986 in Jaipur Rajasthan. she has started her Bhojpuri career in 2008 with Chalni ke chaalal dulha Movie. She did an item song in John Abraham's movie "Welcome Back" 2015.

Shubhi Sharma Bhojpuri Actress
Shubhi Sharma

10. Poonam Dubey
Poonam Dubey was born on 8 February 1990 in Allahabad. She started his career with "Jo jeeta wohi sikandar" movie in 2014. Poonam Dubey has received the award for Best North Indian Bhojpuri Actress and Best Glamorous Actress in 2015.
Poonam Dubey Bhojpuri Actress
Poonam Dubey
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