[Best Bhojpuri Actress Name With Photo

Bhojpuri Actress Name With Photo

Bhojpuri Actress Name
[Best Bhojpuri Actress Name With Photo

Bhojparui actress is now becoming popular in the Bhojpuri industry as well as in Bollywood and TV serials. This had never happened before, but now the time has changed and Bhojpuri actress is also coming forward in fame and glamour. In this post, we are going to share with you  Bhojpuri Actress Name With Photo.

Bhojpuri cinema has made its place in entire India with Uttar Pradesh, Bihar Bhojpuri industry actress now appears in TV serials and Bollywood movies too. The first movie in Bhoparui was released in 1961, after which many Bhojpuri movies were released.

The item songs of Bhojpuri movies are sent to many parties. Along with this, item songs videos of Bhojpuri actress make a blast on YouTube.

Hot Bhojpuri Actress Akshara Singh

Akshara Singh

Born in 30 August 1993 Mumbai

Hot Bhojpuri Actress Amrapali Dubey

Amrapali Dubey

Born In 11 January 1987 Gorakhpur 

Hot Bhojpuri Actress Kajal Raghwani

Kajal Raghwani

Born in 20 July 1990  Bihar 

Hot Bhojpuri Actress Rani Chatterjee

Rani Chatterjee

Born in 3 November 1989, Mumbai

Hot Bhojpuri Actress Anjana Singh

Anjana Singh

Born in 7 August 1990, Lucknow

Hot Bhojpuri Actress Nisha Dubey

Nisha Dubey

Born in 7 August 1999, Bihar

Hot Bhojpuri Actress Monalisa (Antara Biswas)

Monalisa (Antara Biswas)

Born in 21 November 1982, Kolkata

Hot Bhojpuri Actress Pakhi Hedge

Pakhi Hedge

Born in 5 March 1985,  ‎Mumbai

Hot Bhojpuri Actress Priyanka Pandit

Priyanka Pandit

Born in 20 June 1991, Uttar Pradesh

Hot Bhojpuri Actress Neha Shree

Neha Shree

Birth in 16 September 1989, New Delhi

Hot Bhojpuri Actress Smrity Sinha

Smrity Sinha

Born in 7 September 1988, Bihar

Hot Bhojpuri Actress Seema Singh

Seema Singh

Born in 11 June 1990, Mumbai

Hot Bhojpuri Actress Rakhi Tripathi

Rakhi Tripathi

Born in 1986

Hot Bhojpuri Actress Poonam Dubey

Poonam Dubey

Born in 8 February 1990, Allahabad

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