How To Speak Fluent English Without Hesitation

People in our country are afraid to speak English more than ghosts. People read English, They understand, but speak it as if their mouth is stitched. So today I will tell you a way to speak English, through which you will learn to speak English while playing laughing, watching movies and videos.
It has 3 steps and you can spend 1 to 2 hours in a day and learn to speak English while sitting at home.

Benefits of this easy way to speak English

·        Learn to speak English for free.
·        Learn to speak English in fun while watching English movies, TV series
·        Steps of this course will improve your English speaking and personality development.

How to speak English in 3 steps

how to speak fluent english without hesitation

I explain these steps with an example or example which will be easy to understand. Think that speaking English is like a PUBG Mobile Game in which you have to fight and survive till the last .

Please remember that I am not encouraging you to beat me up. I am going to explain these steps by taking the example of PUBG Mobile Game.

Improve Vocabulary and Start Reading English

When we play PUBG Mobile Game, first of all they need Weapons or guns. If you want to learn to speak English, then you have to learn English words for this PUBG, which is your weapon in a way. You have to wield these weapons while speaking English. So, first make this weapon, meaning improve your English vocabulary.

The correct way of reading to learn to speak English

Make a daily routine of reading. Give at least 1 hour of reading. Do easy reading first like newspaper and easy English books.

What you have to do if you do not understand any English word?

In the beginning it will be very much that you will not understand some words of English. This has to happen because you are studying in order to grow vocabulary.

Search Word Meaning on Google

So if you do not understand the meaning of a word, then check its meaning on Google. You will find word meaning in both Hindi and English and you will also know how it is spoken.

As if you understand that you do not know the meaning of the vocabulary word. So first type that word in Google on the home screen in your phone
You will get the meaning of that word and how it is spoken, it can also be learned by clicking on the speaker icon.

To know the meaning of word in Hindi, make dictionary settings in English & Hindi.
Note the word and its meaning so that it remembers
Now you know the meaning of that word but do not know how long it will be remembered. Therefore, it is important that you make a note somewhere to remember that word.

Write everything in your notebook is a good way to remember English words. Start writing notebook in which you can write new words and their meanings and revisit them later.

how to speak fluent english without hesitation

What to read to improve vocabulary to learn to speak English?

newspaper reading (30 min per day)
According to me, the best and easiest reading is English Newspapers.
There are some newspaper whose English is a bit difficult and some whose English is easy. According to me, Times of India and Hindustan Times are two such websites which are easy and whose editions are also available online for free.

I find a good real new developer from online edition, but if you can't subscribe to Newspaper then you can read online edition here

Times of India Epaper
Hindustan Times Epaper

In the beginning, you like the part of Newspaper, read it.
Like I read the Delhi edition of Times of India
First front page where all the big news happens
After that I read pages 2 to 4 where there is local news of Delhi which I am interested in.

Finally i read business page.
English Books (50 min per day)
If you are afraid of speaking English, then you would have lost my life by looking at the English book. It should not happen. Who says read hard books? If you are learning English, then read a simple book like Novel's Edited Editions.

Now the weapons have come to you. Now they have to learn how to use them.
Meaning, now you have come to new words, but it is important to know how to speak them and how to do life.
For this, I will tell step 2 of how to speak this English

Step 2: Learn how to speak English - Watch English movies, news and shows (1 to 2 hours daily)

By doing regular reading, you will see that your knowledge of vocabulary or English words will improve. You will also be heartened to use these words and speak in English.

So the 2nd step is to learn English speaking, that you watch English movies, shows or news.

The biggest obstacle in learning to speak English is that you do not know how to spell words And it is afraid that if you mispronounce words, people will make fun of you.
So we have to know how words are in the speech.

By watching English movies, news and shows, you will understand how to speak English words. Meaning what is the right way to speak English.
You can watch English movies and shows online for free. News comes on TV and can also be heard online.

As you watch English movies, news and shows, you will start to feel that you understand English and can also speak.
I know that the biggest obstacle to speaking English is that you are afraid.
So I tell you step 3 which is, speak English without fear, speak without shame.
how to speak fluent english without hesitation

Step 3 Speak English for English speaking practice

Now by reading and movies in English, You got weapons (English words) by watching news and TV shows and you also learned how to move.

So now the time has come for you to carry these weapons by yourself. Meaning you have to start speaking English without being shy, without being nervous.
So, from today onward, you swear that you will speak in English.

I know that you will be very ashamed to do this. People can make fun of you. You can say that you are becoming an Englishman and you are showing off.
But don't be afraid and keep on speaking.

A good idea is to make a group of friends and try to talk every day on the phone or together. Just remember that daily you have to select a topic and talk about it for a few minutes.
Topics can be related to your reading or personal life. for example.
  • Your introduction or talk about yourself in 2 minutes
  • Today's latest news in English
  • News discussion
  • English movie story

First you will be a little shy and remember on the wrong English language, remember that you have to speak English for a while daily by doing anything. And soon, your confidence or morale will increase and you will learn to speak English.

These 3 steps have to be regularized

Now you have also learned and understood the steps.
One important thing is that you have to do these steps regularly. That means reading, listening and speaking every day.

1 to 2 horse English reading, then 1 to 2 horse English TV, movies and news and talk in English for at least 15 to 20 minutes every day.
While doing this, see that soon your English speaking skills will get better and along with English your personality will also improve.

Where to watch English news, movies and TV shows

English news and 24 x 7 on
The best way to watch news channels for free is to watch online. In English channels, NDTV is a good channel where you can watch news in English.
I hope you enjoy this article. You have read the article but remember that you have to follow these 3 steps as well.
You follow these steps and comment and tell me how is it going

Jai Hind!

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